Happy Tales

Once cats and dogs leave the shelter with their new families, our staff and volunteers are always overjoyed to hear how the pets are doing. And we're here to help if you need support after you adopt. Whether it is a personal visit, a letter with a photo or an email, hearing about how happy people are with their new pets brightens our day!

"We adopted Moe in April 2011. He settled in nicely, gets along great with our border collie mix and our kids. He's the star of the neighborhood and is the best dog anybody could ever ask for - a perfect match!"

"I went to NAHS to get another dog and found a cat instead! I never considered myself a cat person, but Moxie is perfect for me. She's the sweetest thing on 4 furry feet. I can't imagine my life without her. She's very loud (loves to hear herself) and cracks up everyone who meets her."

"Marny is an amazing bundle of energy and love. She is 70 lbs of pure muscle, but thinks she's a lap dog. She is high energy and loves everyone in the family according to their personality and lifestyle."

"I adopted two 3-month-old feline sisters from NAHS in January 1995; soon they'll be celebrating their 17th birthday. They're doing remarkably well, and days are spent snoozing in a sunny window or watching birds. When I promised to give them a forever home, I never dreamed how many years of companionship and love these wonderful creatures would give me, but I've enjoyed every minute with them. Hopefully we'll have many more years together."

"Sweetie has been an amazing addition to our family. She is an amazing traveler, incredibly loyal, and one of the most obedient dogs a new dog owner could ask for; her behavior is the envy of my parents and sisters at family gatherings. She is so much a part of our lives that we can't even imagine what it was like to walk in the door and not be greeted by our crazy dog who leaps in the air like kangaroo to give us kisses."